2023 US Conference

The 2nd Philosophy of Film Without Theory Conference will be held at Hamilton College, New York State, from 20th to 22nd October, 2023.

Conference Co-Directors – Katheryn Doran (Hamilton College), Craig Fox (PennWest University), and Britt Harrison (Independent) – are delighted to announce the following keynote speakers:

Noël Carroll (CUNY)

Jim Conant (Chicago)

Pamela Foa (Brown)

John Gibson (Louisville)

Paul C. Taylor (Vanderbilt)

Malcolm Turvey (Tufts)

Iris Vidmar (University of Rijeka)

A Call for Abstracts will be announced in by early April, 2023. We will be welcoming submissions from academics, grad students, post-graduate researchers, critics, and independents working without theory, or engaging with without theory ideas and opportunities in the philosophy of film and film studies.

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