Aesthetic Investigations Journal CFP

Aesthetic Investigations Journal 

Call for Submissions for:

Volume III (Issue 2) Philosophy of Film Without Theory

Guest Editors: Craig Fox & Britt Harrison, with Editor-in-Chief Rob van Gerwen

Submissions Deadline: Extended to June 15th, 2019

Author Guidelines available here.

Methodologies in Philosophy Without Theory (in general) include, but are by no means limited to: fine-grained description and discernment; disentangling confusions; reactive and/or reflective critical inquiry, the exploration of conceptual connections; logical geography; conceptual synthesis; the provision of perspicuous presentations and surveyable overviews; non-systematic engagement with individual or particular works, subjects, objects, ideas, events and/or situations, and more.

Methodologies in Philosophy Without Theory about film may include any of the above as part of a commitment to focus on, and pay close attention to, individual films.

















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