Journal Special Issue

Aesthetic Investigations 2020 Volume 3(2)                                                                                      Special Issue on Philosophy of Film Without Theory

Inaugurating Philosophy of Film Without Theory – Craig Fox & Britt Harrison

Getting Away with Murder? Crimes and Misdemeanors and Alternative Conceptions of  Justice – Mikel Burley
With Friends like These… or: How Not to Respond to the Imposition Objection – Katheryn Doran
Emerson’s Vision of America in John Ford’s Stagecoach – Michael Forest
Police, Adjective and Attunement to the Significance of Things – Craig Fox
What They See is What We Get: The Real Tells the Fiction – Rob van Gerwen
The New World: Heideggerian or Humanist Cinema? – Britt Harrison
Mother-Daughter Identity Constructs in Lady Snowblood and Carrie – Kristin A. Hrehor
Ordinary Language Film Studies – Andrew Klevan
The Flesh is Weak: Empathy and Becoming Human in Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin – Colin Heber Percy
Mourning the Loss of the Ordinary: A Cavellian Reading of Ozu’s Late Spring – Jônadas Techio
When the Silent Universe Speaks: Testing Camus’ absurd in the alien encounters of Contact and Arrival – Shai Tubali

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